Just a prologue.


I want her, he realized. I want Winterfell, yes, but I want her as well, child or woman or whatever she is. I want to comfort her. I want to hear her laugh. I want her to come to me willingly, to bring me her joys and her sorrows and her lust.


I just love that moment in the fourth gif, when Tyrion reached over and touched Sansa’s hand.  *huge shippy sigh*


No, I won’t fill your mind / with broken promises and wasted time

1.06 / 2.07

“It’s cool having a couple who are madly in love around you. It shows you that it does exist.”

I was ecstatic when Rae and Finn became a couple and equally as devastated when they broke up. But there was always that love in the air that gave you hope that a love like that could exist — for you, for your friends, or for your family. It’s a TV fantasy that is so relatable that they remind you of your best friends down the street. [x]

Dear Diary, that’s the thing with diaries, they’re like movies, they’re just stories, filled with the things I saw and the things I felt.

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"…But funerals do have their porpose. They’re places where we get to say goodbye

Bamon Valentine’s Day Music
Savage Garden - “Crash and Burn”

"Let me be the one you call, if you jump I’ll break your fall.
Lift you up and fly away, with you into the night.”

Bonnie and Damon arriving together at the Bitter Ball